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Person Centred Planning

Person centred planning.. is the deliberate act of calling together the people closest to you, using their gifts, skills and talents to help you work out what you want in life and how best to get these things for yourself.

A person centred plan is a plan for your life created from your own point of view.

Getting and keeping a good life

Person Centred Planning is About Getting and Keeping a Good Life?

Over the years we have begun to think in new ways about how people with learning difficulties can have full and satisfying lives.

Person centred planning is one way of working towards getting a good life. It is not just about having paid services, but also a social life, friends, a contribution to make to others and meaningful days. These are essential to everybody if we are to grow in confidence and be healthy and happy.

Person centred planning helps people to think about what matters most in their lives and gets family, friends and paid staff to work together to solve problems and get things done. By everybody working together things get sorted out and people feel good about seeing how things can change.

Person centred planning is for everybody not just people who know what they want or are able to tell others using words. Some of the most important changes happen for people who are often overlooked because they may need a lot of help from people who know them very well.

Below - making plans in our own way.....

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