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Who is involved?

Family, friends and paid staff become partners who support the person whose plan it is. They support the person build their lifestyle based on what they enjoy, the things they are good at and want more of.

Some people set up a small planning circle of family, friends and trusted others to help them. Some people choose to have paid staff get involved as they may bring their own talents, skills and knowledge to getting things done. However, it is important to remember that person centred planning is not led by professionals or paid staff.

What About Getting Services?

Help provided by Social Services, the National Health Service and community organisations all play an important part in helping people to live their lives to the full. People who think they are in need of community care services they can ask for a Community Care Assessment of their needs.

Person centred planning can help services to understand how a person wants to live and the support they need. It can show how services can play their part alongside others such as housing, sports and leisure, community activities and faith communities.

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