About Values

Simon has worked with hundreds of organisations, all with a common thread of supporting, nurturing and developing strength based approaches to individual and community development.

As an experienced independent project consultant, he has worked within primary healthcare, adult social care and the community voluntary sector, including multi partnership approaches such as SureStart.

His distinctive flair for using metaphor and real life examples in his training and writing sets Simon apart.

Introducing Simon

Simon acted for several years as the person centred planning lead for Kent County Council and Norfolk County Council. His training resource ‘knock knock whose there?’ was used across Norfolk for staff development receiving prime time television coverage by Anglia News.

In 2000 he led the first international Partners in Policymaking course in London developing leadership skills with disabled people and their families. He later received the Kent County Council aware for partnership work in the community. In 2014 his educational focus to support open democracy was recognised in the Adult learners week and won the regional and national award in the category of families and communities.

More Recently

Simon led the 3 year evaluation of a Big Lottery funded project to bring people with a learning disability and other members of the public together. A key aim was to support better understandings of different lives and histories and introduce people who would have remained strangers. This work won the 2016 Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service Community Cohesion award.

Educator & Publisher

Simon continues to work as an independent project evaluator, manager, educator and writer with a new generation of leaders. He continues to act as a strong advocate for social reform, publishing his work ‘Life Nourishment’ in the UK and USA. A second book exploring the magical properties of human connection is currently being written.

Advancing the work of progressive organisations and individuals for peace, justice, human rights and a distinct and new path for social care support.

“To study creativity by focusing on the individual alone is like trying to understand how an apple tree produces fruit by looking at the tree and ignoring the sun and soil that support its life.”

– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi